Brazil, Corrego Do Urucum, Galiléia, Minas Gerais


I have rarely been impressed by these Morganites from Corrego. Most of the time they were covered with some black Tourmaline needles and the color of the Morganites was rarely very pink but more of an orangey pink which is not the right color for a great Morganite...We all want a Rhodocrosite to be RED right? So a Morganite MUST BE PINK ! As you can see this one IS PINK and it is not covered with so many black Tourmalines. The shape of the crystal is great, the transparency is also high and the luster very good. What would we need next? A little piece of white Clevlandite and it would be a worldclass Morganite Crystal on matrix. It is not on matrix but still a very very special and loved Morganite. I am glad this piece is today in good hands in a friend's collection.... 

Photo © Jeff Scovil