Mineral Art: expert consulting

“…When we have great treasures right under our eyes we do not see them and do you know why? Because Men do not believe in treasures …”
Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist.

Mineral Art  is an ethical company working in the field of natural history specialising in world class gems & minerals for elite collectors and clients.

Under high levels of confidentiality and maintaining detailed and close client contact, we take pride in selecting “the most unique & the finest” for our exclusive customers in order to meet high levels of expectation.

Rarity lends value to a gemstone and adds exclusivity to that of a common stone.

As an expertise in its field, Mineral Art is frequently asked to share its experience and skills at conferences specialising in this field, involving lectures, and occasional museum projects. MA proposes its expertise to the most demanding collectors for an enhanced collection.

In 2015, as a specialist in gemology,Brice Gobin was requested to take part into a film produced by Pôles Production and commissioned by France Television, showing his quest on the field for outsanding gemstones.

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