Who is Brice Gobin ?

My quest? Seeking for unique and amazing  Gems & Minerals from around the world 

Brice Gobin is the manager of Mineral Art.
Born in 1971 in Casablanca, from a  French family involved in the precious stone industry for 4 decades.

World-known for travelling to the actual source of production to acquire only unique, outstanding and rare precious stone specimens, Brice acts as the middleman between miner and clientele.

Brice Gobin’s passion for precious stones and natural sciences began at an early age in the seventies.  In his youth, he discovered his passion for precious stones following a visit to the National History Museum in Paris with his late father, a well-known mineral dealer and collector.

This fascination has led Brice to exotic mining localities worldwide. His “trademark” being the one who goes TO THE SOURCE to locate fine gems & minerals.

1990. In order to further his career in the world of minerals, Brice travelled extensively to the following locations: Congo, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe…
Early 2000’s. Aquamarines and tourmalines from Pakistan and Afghanistan have always been among Brice’s favourite gems and minerals. The Karakorum Mountains, in the Cashmere region have therefore been one of his preferred locations. In the last decade, dozens of iconic specimens from Pakistan or Afghanistan have been brought to light by Brice’s endeavours. High quality aquamarine specimens  including Topazes have reached the market through his efforts.
2001. Brice Gobin’s search for minerals does not cover solely Africa and Pakistan, but also includes frequent trips to China. Brice organizes many excursions to the mines with specialized mining teams in order to extract some of the highest quality gem & mineral specimens from this part of the globe.
2008. Having put Africa to one side for a while, his desire to find Tanzanite specimens drew him back to Tanzania. Crystals of Tanzanite being a gemstone the world is anxious to put back on its shelves. Few specimens of this kind have been on the market since the early 2000’s and Brice has decided to bridge the gap, focusing on this region in Africa to see what needs to be carried out to change this deficiency. In 2008, he made his first trip to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania where he became enchanted with the area and its incredible blue gems. He has since been travelling to Tanzania five times a year sourcing some of the finest Tanzanite gems & specimens produced from this region.

Over the last 20 years, with Brice’s experience, knowledge, reputation and network connexions around the globe, hundreds of spectacular gems & mineral specimens coveted by the world’s top collectors and natural history museums have been brought to the market.