Hematite & Magnesite
Brazil, Brumado, Bahia


In general, and for every mineral specimen, I would like to have what is potentially the best quality for each specie. As this a gemstone, I want a Tourmaline to be extremely gem with top faceting quality. We know that a Fluorite can have a high transparency and a mirror luster, with sharp edges, so you want it like that...Native golds from Mokingberg mine in California can show a beautiful crystal structure and a fantastic luster and so again that is only what you want...This is the same for a metallic mineral specimen. This Hematite from Brumado has all of what you want on a World-class Hematite; Great crystal shape, mirror luster and beautiful aesthetic. Regardless of the specie, this is a true masterpiece !!

Photo © Jeff Scovil