Calcite...The most common mineral on our planet !!! Don't get me wrong, this one is the rarest of all calcites ! Calcite is known for beeing 99% of the time WHITE color. When you get lucky, it is a gem and transparent white, like crystal glass! We are then, very excited! But when it comes to that color, we are in love! These calcites come from a mine that produces, copper and cobalt. This hot pink color is due to the high percentage of cobalt contained in its chemistry. Indeed, the cobalt element is the one responsible for giving that very girly color...In your hand this calcite makes you happy and amazed by how nature can surprises us all the time. Unfortunately, this mine is close since the 90's and so the chance to come across with another high quality Cobaltoan Calcite like this one are close to zero...

Photo © Brice Gobin