In late 2000 a big discovery of world-class Carrollites (a rare sulfide of cobalt, nickel and copper and cobalt - Cu (Co,Ni)2S4) was unveiled in Kambove, Katanga. When I saw the loose crystals of this rare metallic mineral, I could not believe what it was, so big and so lustrous were the specimens. Best and biggest ever seen on the planet! Unfortunately, due to the size and weight of these big crystals, very few specimens were preserved on their natural calcite matrix. This example here is one of the best specimen of Carrollite crystals on calcite ever. A beautiful piece. I still remember the exact moment when a « mama dealer» was running after my car in the town of Lubumbashi, to try to show me her treasure...I pulled over, stopped my car, she arrived totally breathless and said: « Gobin, I have a very very special piece for you !... ». She took out a piece of cloth from her pocket and unveiled this amazing Carrollite...

Photo © Jeff Scovil