Topaze & Schorl on Clevlandite


I got that piece in Peshawar a few years back. I have to say that I was very fortunate to be able to acquire a complete parcel of these killer combinations of Topaze and black Tourmalines specimens. The pocket was small but every piece was so special. Some pieces were also associated with some green fluorites.
This piece was my signature piece and it was hard to let it go to a new home. But as a mineral dealer you have to accept that fact: It is your piece for only a period unless you are only a collector. But if I keep such things, which I would love too, then my business model is to go bankrupt !!                                                    We work year after year to try to find the ultimate pieces, we love that adrenaline and look for it and then we have to let it go...Sometimes I find it painful but such is life. The only gratitude I can find in that story and that comforts me is the smile on my client's face. 

Photo © Jeff Scovil