from WuYi Pb-Zn deposit, Sichuan Province, China


Calcite is the most common mineral on our planet. Only a handful of water clear minerals can give you such an impact. Indeed, this is colorless!
Mineralogy is a reservoir of colors, shapes and beauty. But when it comes to colorless, I want the WOW effect! And that wow effect happens only when it sparkles like a diamond and here that is exactly what we have. To get to this quality and beauty is something beyond rare and happens only on a very few occasions. That is why when you see it and it is pristine such as this one, the WOW impact is huge. When my client got that piece in his hands, he thanked me for it and said it was stunning...and « mon ami » is not someone easy to impress I can tell you! I was proud because this was a great find and surely an important addition to his world-class collection.  

Photo © James Elliott